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Y111 Results in now what to do?

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  • Y111 Results in now what to do?

    Hi I am a new user and recently recieved my Y111 results back. I dont know my paternal lineage so I was interested to see what my match results were. I have taken an Autosomal DNA test and uploaded it to Family Finder. My Y111 results have left me feeling a little dissapointed, although I am still learning how to interpret them.

    I have the following:

    12 markers - 5 Matches, GD of 0 (2 matches share same surname "Wilson", another 2 matches share same surname "Jensen", 1 match different surname "Andersen")
    25 markers - 3 Matches, GD of 1 (3 matches share same surname "Wilson")
    37 markers - 2 Matches, GD of 2 and 3 (2 matches share same surname "Wilson")
    67 markers - 4 Matches, GD of 2 and 3 for "Wilson", GD of 7 for 2 matches of "Mitchell".
    111 markers - 2 Matches, GD of 4 for "Wilson" again with Earliest known ancestor 1800's.

    TIP report for Wilson at 111 markers:
    4 66.66%
    8 95.65%
    12 99.59%
    16 99.97%
    20 100%
    24 100%

    The matches dont offer any family trees and none of them match with me on Family Finder.
    What should me next steps be? Are the Y111 match results to distant? I have a Predicted Haplogroup of R-M198 and my 2 matches at 111 have R-FT96666?

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    When looking at your Y-DNA111 matches, look at the NAME column. Do you see Big Y? If so, this means they have Big Y results which includes SNP testing. R-FT96666 is a twig of the R-M198 branch. If you look at the Haplotree and SNP page of your Y-DNA results and search for R-FT96666 using the 'Go To Branch Name' you'll see R-YP469 is one level above R-FT96666 and you can order R-YP469 or you can order Big Y before the sale ends next Monday.


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      Since the Wilson surname is popping up, you might want to search your FF matches (and wherever you tested originally) for Wilsons as well.


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        Thanks for the responses guys, I might make the most of the sale and upgrade to the Big Y, my matches have done that test. In the meantime I'll search my current FF matches and other testing sites for trees.