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    I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this, in respect of STR mutations at Y26-37. I have a match who is exact at Y12 and Y25, but a difference of 2 at Y26 to Y37, and then exact at Y38- Y67. Are there specific markers that are prone to mutate at Y26-Y37 ? I have read that there are STR's which mutate quite quickly, and given that my match is 8 years younger than me, would that be an explanation for one of the mutations. I am wondering if this match may be a half first cousin,and one mutation could be from his uncle, and one from the fact he is younger than me. Am I wide of the mark here, any input would be welcome.

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    If I understand your question correctly? - if you go to a Y-DNA Colorized Chart it will show the different STR markers and which ones mutate more frequently, hopefully explaining what is going on in your instance.

    eg I'm in R-FGC20767

    The columns that are shaded red have faster mutation rates and are more likely to change. Here is info on the colouring scheme.

    In my circumstance, I have a Genetic Distance (GD) of 1 to my father and the difference in my case is caused by one of those fast changing markers doing their thing. Hope this helps?
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      Thank you, that chart is amazing. I have printed off what I assume is my own Y-STR Values result, but as I am unable to compare it to any of my matches I am not sure where the changes are. I have previously contacted my Y67 match, but wanted to be more sure of what I'm actually talking about if I contact a second time. I may do a bit more research first.


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        I have a further question in respect of YSTR mutations that I hope someone can help me with. The two mutations concerned with this match occur at DYS576 and DYS570, and from the charts provided by Wahski I can see they are coloured red which indicates a faster mutation rate. The difference on each marker is just one number, any opinions on how close this relationship could be would be welcome.