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  • How close is a match

    I have posted something similar to this on another thread, but I hope someone can give a bit of guidance. I have two matches, one has tested to Y37 and is a match at GD1, the second has tested to Y67 and is a match at GD2 at both Y37 and Y67, I have tested to Y111 but have no matches higher than this match at Y67. From what I have researched, although the two surnames are the same as each other, ( I don't know my paternal surname) the two families are not related after the 1700's and but for the dna result may not be related at all. My problem is this, I have contacted the match at Y37 who has sent me his family tree, however,neither he nor I can see how we might be related. Before I contact the match at Y67, I would like a bit of input on how close GD2 is considered to be, and given that I can't see any ancestor/relative to the closer Y37 GD1 match, I'm a little uncertain whether to contact the Y67 match or not. Any input will be welcome, thanks.