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Help in navigating results to find possible son or grandson without my surname

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  • Help in navigating results to find possible son or grandson without my surname

    In reviewing the results of Y-chromosome matches and genetic distance, I find a person of 1 genetic difference who is possibly related to me within my lifetime. Possibly a son or his son. No information other than the race (native american) and so, I am wondering how to get more detail on who this person is through Family Tree. Is there a way to do this ? The match (with genetic distance of 1) is with the 25 and 67 markers. One distance places this match fairly close in time or am I wrong? Thanks for info-

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    Y STR genetic distance estimates at 67 markers are not sufficiently accurate enough to determine any relationship, but if you cannot get in touch with that match through the information allowed in the match tool, you have little recourse. If you and this person are both members of a haplo project, the admins might serve as a go-between insuring privacy by contacting a member for you without disclosing any personal info. Admins can sometimes access phone numbers or physical addresses, but rule-tightening because of GDPR has made some admins (including me) skittish about contacting members about hypothetical situations such as you describe.
    It never hurts to ask, but do not expect to get info from the admin. If an admin contacts a member and the member agrees to communicate with you, you have to agree to give up a bit of your information to be passed on with no guarantee that the member will follow through.
    A son or a grandson theory would require each of you to have Family Finder or other atDNA results that indicate an appropriate share size for autosomal DNA. Y STR matching is far too common among men, even those with "rare" haplogroups assigned, regardless of surname.
    I have never seen "race" associated with a Y result in the matching tool, so that bears explanation.


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      Thanks for the reply. Although most categories are Countries or Nations, the 'race' I referred to is 'Native American'. Perhaps that could be seen as a Nation, but also discribed as a genetic group with genetic group/tribal sub-divisions. Anyway, since it is in the Family Tree database, and it is only one person on the list, a name or contact could be established. I also, today, downloaded the autosomal DNA from Ancestry to Family Tree so that should be available in a couple of days. I am new to DNA research and thought it would be a simple selection button to push to get details on a specific listed match.
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        That looks like someone who marked US Native instead of US European for their earliest paternal lineage ancestor, or their knowledge of their tree is not in line with the genetic answers. On the matches page, you should be able to tell which matches have US locations on their earliest known ancestor and when you click on the person's name it might have an email address listed to correspond with the person.

        A genetic distance of 1 means that there is one STR where the number you have is one different from what this person has. It could be one generation or it could be a few hundred years, it depends on the marker and when it randomly changed.