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    Hi, Looking for help again. I have tested to ydna111 and have the results now, but not sure how I interpret them. I do not have matches at my highest level of 111 markers, but have a few lower down the scale. There is one match with a distance of 2 at both 67 and 37, however there is a match who has tested up to 37, with whom the distance is 1. Both of these matches have the same surname, however not knowing my paternal line, I can't say for definite if this should be my surname. Am I correct in thinking the match with a distance of 1 is my closest match, and are there methods I can use to try to confirm any details before I consider contacting either or both matches.

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    2/67 is promising.
    1/37 can become 5/67, or 1/67, or anything in between. You do not know what you do not know.
    Since they have the same surname, you can always ask them if they know their common ancestor.
    People are usually friendly. They invested their money in testing, and they would like to learn from their results.
    Have you done FamilyFinder, too?
    Do these two matches have their FF next to their names?

    If your two Y-matches also have FamilyFinder results, and do not match, they are not close relatives, no reason to be sensitive about you and your unknown paternal line. Why, if you are only one more potential 4th or 7th or 15th cousin?
    If they are also matching you at FamilyFinder, great, more material to research.
    By the way, FF is on sale at the moment.


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      I did upload my Autosomal results from another company when I did the y111 test. Neither of the two matches appear to have done FF, however the Y37 match comes up first if I type the surname in advanced search, but again neither have done a tree. The y67 match has a location marker but I am not sure if this is a present location or an ancestral one.


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        Having just checked FF, only the name of the Y37 match comes up, and no tests of any sort evident. There is also the similar name of a more distant match at y67 distance of 4, but not the Y67 match at distance of 2. I am confused now.


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          Don't worry, keep it simple.
          Look at your Y-matches as usually.
          If they do not have this FF at the profile (see attached picture),
          they do not have their FamilyFinder result.

          Without trees, you can only ask your matches for additional information, and hope that they answer your mail.
          Good luck.
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            Maybe to be calming also... I have a 0 GD match at 37 markers. He is the surname of a target male lineage. I am in the same boat relative to known paternal lineage. The match has FF but we share no autosomal DNA. The apparent common ancestor is a 5th GGF, per his tree and my "theory tree". It sounds like you may be expecting an autosomal match as well as YDNA?? Not always....


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              Regarding FF, did you lower the threshold as low as possible, 3 cMs, to see if you pick up anything at all? Just curious.


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                Originally posted by Biblioteque View Post

                Regarding FF, did you lower the threshold as low as possible, 3 cMs, to see if you pick up anything at all? Just curious.
                I don't believe I'm able to do that?? Uploaded autosomal, and no paid subscription on FTDNA. My last match on page 215 is 14 cms

                I'd be interested in that as well.


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                  RHTC: Please disregard my post. I misspoke. Mea Maxima Culpa.
                  Last edited by Biblioteque; 3 May 2020, 11:25 PM.


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                    I have done some research on my matches and believe that the match I have at 67 and 37 with a GD of 2 at both levels is related to the match I have at 37 with a GD of 1, and both have the same surname. I have contacted the 37/1 match who has kindly supplied me with a family history line document which goes back to 1837, but other than that can not really shed any light on my enquiry. I have the impression that relatives of my match would not be keen to undertake ydna tests and I also would not feel comfortable asking complete strangers to do so - even if I knew which branch of the family to start with. Is this a case now of working my way through all of the names on this document to find a likely match, or is there some other method to simplify the task. I have also checked FF, and neither of these two matches appear in my list, and on an advanced FF search, a matching name shows who has done Y111 but is not a match to me.


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                      I can't provide any input to the specific question, but would be interested in your process and strategy to date and how you employed the YDNA into it. That diverges from the topic so I sent a PM if your willing to share.



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                        I have looked at the TiP reports on my other Y37 matches and I'm not understanding what I'm seeing. There a few Y37 matches which show a GD of 4, but when I look at their TiP reports, the percentage of the MCRA is higher at 83.49%, than it is with the match with a GD of 1. The match with GD1 has a MCRA probability of 57.86%, can anyone help me to understand why the GD4 matches would have a higher probability rate than the GD1.

                        RHTC, pm'd you, thanks.