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Hundreds of Y-12 matches, just a few Y-25 and no Y-37... Why?

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  • Hundreds of Y-12 matches, just a few Y-25 and no Y-37... Why?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new to DNA testing and now I have the Y STR results.
    But I'm a bit puzzled.. I have tons of Y-12 rmatches (distance 0 or more), just a few Y-25 matches (distance 1 or more) and no Y-37 match. How can that be?

    Can you clarify that for me?

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    I can not clarify it, but I can tell you it does happen. A member of one of my projects has 5,166 12 marker matches. He has 1,156 25 marker matches. He has zero matches at 37 which is as high as he has tested. He is in the predicted R-M269 Haplogroup, a very common Haplogroup. I suggested he join the 'R_R1b All Subclade' project to see if he had any unusual values in the 26-37 marker group. I didn't see any. I also checked for a null marker (a marker without a value reported), I didn't find one.

    Just for our information what is your predicted Haplogroup?

    Would adding additional markers help? The only way to find out is to upgrade.

    I know this doesn't help, but you aren't alone.


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      What are the nationalities and origins of your matches, and is Bizard your true paternal line? Sorry to be nosy, but there may be an answer connected to your name.


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        It means there isn't anyone on here that's been identified as closely related to you. Most people on the Y12 list are only very, very distantly related to you(if at all, because there may be coincidences). The higher the Y number, the closer the relationship. Everyone on the Y37 list will be on your Y12 list, but not vice versa. I have 10 Y111 matches but 5,500 Y12 matches. I doubt I would have any about Y111.


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          Originally posted by ewd76 View Post
          Everyone on the Y37 list will be on your Y12 list, but not vice versa.
          A person who is a genetic distance of two or more in the first 12 markers will not be on your 12 marker list, but could be on your 25 or 37 marker list. May not happen often, but it does happen.


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            All DNA databases reflect their customer database. The majority of the FTDNA testers are going to have British/Irish background or NW Europe at least.

            If your background is other than the above, you will likely have less matches. Thousands of Y12 matches is pretty typical for British/Irish/NW Euro.


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              Thanks very much for your answers. My predicted haplogroup is M269.
              I am French but the vast majority of my Y12 matches comes from Great Britain. My name is Bizard, not very common in France, and I know there are some Bizard in Scotland. The French line Bizard originates not too far from Brittany (extreme west of France). So I was wondering if my ancestor came from Great Britain?
              But as one of you put it, the matches reflect the customer database. To be honest, I could test my DNA more deeply but this could go on and on and could become very expensive.


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                My dad gets only 4 at STR25 level and only 2 STR37 matches and 0 for STR67 and STR111 level. Also R1b-M269 (R1b-L20 to be more precise and much farther downstream). He has many pages of STR12 level. Also there is only one other person listed with R1b-L20 for his entire country of origin, Latvia!
                It seems to be a mostly Western European haplogroup, but somehow we got it. Maybe from out of wedlock sometime between say 1250 and 1780 from some soldier or trader or maybe some Baltic German baron or Baltic German workman or something. Probably traces back to Germany or even France/Italy, perhaps Poland inbetween. The STR37 matches have different surnames, one traces to German outpost in Slovakia going back to 1600s, the other to Southeast Poland. Our own surname is different yet again (but that is expected since it's from a Latvian serf line and they had no surnames until chose/assigned in 1826 so whatever surname the line may have once had would have been lost). Either that or it's some relic surviving R1b-L20 that never got wiped out in Eastern Europe or something, although that would seem to need to change a lot of what people seemed to think happened regarding haplogroup formation locations.


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                  I was surprised to get zero above STR37 level with an R1b haplogroup! I suppose it does't help that they say very few Germans and barely any French have DNA tested.
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