We have some new and highly significant findings from the Earls of Barrymre DNA Project, the first effort to combine DNA testing of ancestral remains in Ireland with results from YDNA tests of living individuals. We have been able to identify a unique signature of five short tandem repeat markers in test results from remains in the Barrymore crypt at Castlelyons, Cork. This individual has been identified as Richard Hugh Smith-Barry, great great grandson of James Barry, the 4th Earl of Barrymore for whom the crypt was constructed. The novel pattern is also present in results of a group of 60 men with the Barry surname or a variant, but not in any other results from more than 22,000 tests in relavant YDNA projects at Family Tree DNA. We conclude that the Earls of Barrymore were in haplogroup and subclade R1b>U152>Z49>S8183>Y11179>Y13610, and that there are men living today who share that subclade and rare STR motif, and thus are distant relatives of this branch of the Anglo-Norman Irish family. For more information, see:https://sites.google.com/site/barrymorednaproject/