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Data Transfer Kit and Y-DNA Kit Numbering system

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  • Data Transfer Kit and Y-DNA Kit Numbering system

    I formally requested deletion of my (23andMe DATA TRANSFER Kit B602284) from FTDNA database on 2/11/2020. I then ordered Y-DNA37 test on 2/12/2020. I received a New Order Confirmation email on 2/12/2020 that my new Y-DNA Kit will ALSO be numbered as B602284. Will this be a conflict between (23andMe DATA TRANSFER Kit B602284) and (Y-DNA Kit B602284) since they BOTH have been assigned the same kit number? I have 2 DATA TRANSFER kits registered with FTDNA (1 for 23andMe and 1 for AncestryDNA), and I've specifically requested for the (23andMe DATA TRANSFER Kit B602284) to be deleted. As of 2/14/2020 I haven't received any notification that the (23andMe DATA TRANSFER Kit B602284) has been deleted. I don't want my new (Y-DNA Kit B602284) to be mixed up in the deletion process of the (23andMe DATA TRANSFER Kit B602284) and accidentally deleted before I even get it. How are kit numbers assigned? Please advise.

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    A kit number is assigned when you order your first test at FTDNA, OR when you transfer your autosomal results from another company (23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage) without already having an account with an autosomal test at FTDNA. As you've found out, you can't have two autosomal data transfers to one account (kit #). The kit number is for an account at FTDNA. Once you have a kit number from either ordering a test or transferring data, you can order further tests for that account.

    Right now, you have Family Finder results from your Ancestry transfer in a separate account with a separate kit number, so having your Y-37 results in your B602284 account will require you to log in to two accounts to check your results and matches for the two different tests. Since you just ordered the Y-37 two days ago, to have one login to see your results from both tests (Family Finder and Y-37), you may want to ask FTDNA if they can reassign the Y-37 test to the account number that has your Ancestry transfer, and if that can be done, then they can delete the B602284 account. If you knew in advance that you wanted to delete the 23andMe transfer, it would have been easier if you had ordered the Y-37 test while logged in to the other account that has the Ancestry transfer, and then asked FTDNA to delete your 23andMe transfer from the other account. One account per person is better than two.

    But, if you don't mind logging in to two accounts. . .
    You would need to confirm this when you hear from FTDNA, but the way I see it: for the Family Finder portion of your account, the transferred data can be removed without canceling/deleting your B602284 account. Deleting that data will remove the Family Finder section from your Dashboard/Home page in your B602284 account, and from the FTDNA database. But your B602284 account will remain, to allow you to order other tests (as you have already done). You would still be able to log in, but there would be no results available to see, until you get your Y-37 results.

    I don't know how long it will take to delete the transfer data, but it shouldn't take too long. If it's not done by early next week, you can contact Customer Support using the link at the top right of these forum pages to go to the Contact page, and contact FTDNA either by phone or by submitting the form on that page, to ask when the deletion will happen. Explain your concern about the possibility that the Y-37 kit might get mixed up in the deletion process.

    Did you use the Customer Support form or call FTDNA to formally request the deletion of your 23andMe data transfer?
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      KATM, I used the Customer Support form, plus I also called FTDNA to formally request the deletion. Thank you very much for explaining the numbering scheme FTDNA uses and your suggestions on how to proceed.


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        You're very welcome. I hope it helps. You may want to ask if the Ancestry transfer in your other kit/account can be moved to your B602284 kit, as that may be easier for them to do than changing the Y-37 to the Ancestry account (I think - have not had to do it myself, yet).