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New to Y-DNA Research... Possible NPE?

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  • New to Y-DNA Research... Possible NPE?

    Good morning,

    I'm new to FTDNA Forums, and Y-DNA genetic genealogy. I have a general background in autosomal genetic genealogy and have about 8 years experience in general genealogy and consider myself a moderate-advanced researcher. With this said, I have very little understanding into Y-DNA beyond the different marker amounts tested during testing, and that people generally recommend you start smaller (to a degree) and test further only when needed.

    I recently submitted my sample for a Y-37 test, knowing that my general Haplo was RM269, and further DF13. 23&Me's SNP testing gave me the further result of DF13 (CTS241) while my Y-37 through FTDNA gave me the general RM269. I read a bit into convergence, and I'm not certain if what I'm dealing with is R1b/M269 convergence, or a legit NPE.

    Firstly, my surname is Green. I have confirmed through autosomal testing that my Green line is legit with no NPEs at least up until my great-great- grandfather, as other descendants match to the appropriate CMs they should. The furthest back I have traced my paternal line is one ancestor further back than him, my ggg-grandfather. Upon receiving my results yesterday, I was surprised to see other surnames matching me closely. I didn't expect many close Greens, as the amount of living Y descendants from my ggg-grandfather would be relatively small, and I figured none had tested to begin with anyway. My ggg-grandfather was allegedly from Sligo Ireland.

    Furthermore, the matches in my results bared Irish names, but not Green. The names in my matches vary, but the most frequent and close are McDaniel, McDonald, MacDonald, Duffy, McMahon, McQuellon, and others. I have one 0 genetic distance match at the Y-37 level, with the surname McDaniel. There are several McDaniels at the 1 and 2 GD, aside from the 0 GD match. From what I've read even a 0 GD match can share a MRCA hundreds of years ago. The closest "Green" Y match I have is a Greenan/Greene (he has both listed) who matches at a genetic distance of 3, but only on the Y-25 level. I have several Green(e)s who appear at a genetic distance of 1 on the Y-12 (they show at the GD of 1 because we are all in the Green DNA project).

    I've tracked down the 0 genetic distance match online, and he has photos of himself online. He and my paternal line great-grandfather are almost twins. The match is likely in my grandfather's generation. Not sure this is relevant, as I would think facial features generally wouldn't pass down that many generations. I'm thinking if I am indeed a McDaniel, the NPE would've likely occurred back in Ireland as our families are from different regions in the US. I know anythings possible however.

    Essentially, I'm looking for someone with a larger knowledge of Y-DNA to analyze the facts I've listed here, in order to attempt to point me in the right direction. I've purchased the Y-111 upgrade with the holiday sale.

    Any help would be VERY appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I am curious about your ggg-grandfather. Do you have his name and where he lived out his life?


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      Originally posted by georgian1950 View Post
      I am curious about your ggg-grandfather. Do you have his name and where he lived out his life?
      I have my ggg-grandfathers later life generally well documented. I don’t have his birth record or even exact year of birth, due to Irish records being so difficult to find or non-existent. I don’t have his immigration records either. He was born approximately 1815-1820, and the earliest record I have for him is his marriage in 1849. The marriage took place in the city he lived in for the rest of his life. I have him in all of the state/federal censuses in that same city up until his death in 1893.


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        Have you found the name of the Irish county from where your ggg-grandfather came, or perhaps even the townland name? The IrelandGenWeb Project might be helpful. Besides having links to individual Irish county sites, there is a surname registry there, and perhaps at least that might help you.