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  • looking for father

    Hello, I have done the Y-111 test had have received the results back. Have run an advanced matches , not sure on how to read. Looking for some guidance please.

    Cheers Greg

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    Since you're asking the question, I expect you didn't get a clear answer from the Y-111 results. In that case, you need to be patient, because there's still a chance that some unknown relative who is a perfect match will eventually take the same test. However, you can also review your matches to see if they tell you anything useful. For example, if most of the matches are of Scottish descent, then the odds are fairly good that your patrilineal ancestor has Scottish roots too.

    Perhaps more importantly, you can combine your (negative) results with your traditional genealogy (the paper trail). Based on your paper trail research, you might suspect that the father was a neighbor or a relative, and you might have developed a list of possible names. Based on the names that turn up in your Y DNA results, you might discover that some of your matches have one or more of the names you were suspicious about -- in that case, you might attempt to track down patrilineal descendants of the possible ancestors and encourage them to take the same test. Or, you might discover that one or more patrilineal relatives of the possible ancestors have already taken a Y DNA test and have turned out to belong in a completely different haplogroup, in which case you can rule them out.

    Each genetic test gives you a little more data to work with, but it's up to you to figure out how to combine it with what you already know from other sources. Since the question concerns a "father", I assume that there could be close relatives who are still living. In that case, the Family Finder test (often on sale at a very reasonable price) would be a good next step, especially if you can also encourage one or more known close relatives to test as well. The Family Finder test and other autosomal DNA tests are very good at spotting close relatives, and if you can also test at least one known relative other than a full sibling, you should also be able to sort out at least some of your Family Finder matches as either paternal or maternal in origin.


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      Thanks John. I did get 532 matches at the 25 marker. Not a friend or relative. My birth mum lived in Sydney and when the ships came in she was down at the dock. Three other half brothers the same way, then 4 more after she married. Thinking, if I get one of the last 4 to test then could I rule out all matches on her side with total matches?



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        This sounds like a perfect situation for autosomal DNA testing, including as many of the half-brothers as possible. For the situation you describe, yes, autosomal testing in the way you mentioned will allow you to filter out the maternal relatives and thus focus on the paternal matches. Now, each of the sons gets half of his DNA from his mother, but each of the sons gets a different combination of maternal DNA. So, the more sons who can take the autosomal DNA test, the more of the total maternal DNA they will represent, and the more maternal matches detected from autosomal testing you will be able to filter out. An interesting problem!

        The Y DNA results are less likely to be immediately useful, but they may turn out to be the final piece of the puzzle later on. That is, when you have narrowed the possibilities to a small number of "candidates", an exact Y DNA match would settle the matter conclusively.


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          Greg, it's good you are asking for tips on these forums. Also, join the Facebook group DNA Detectives and ask for a "search angel" to help you. They volunteer to help people find birth family, and they really do help many people.