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  • Confirmed Haplogroup J-M267

    After testing for Y-12 ftdna wrote that their team is reviewing my predicted haplogroup.Now after 2 weeks it says your confirmed haplogroup is J-M267 and the order history confirms that they have done a SNP Backbone test.
    I have several matches with people who have the same haplogroup and genetic distance is 0.
    I did autosomal testing with Ancestry, Myheritage and FTDNA.None of them showed that I have any African(Sub-Saharan,North-African,etc) percentage at all.
    FTDNA autosomal testing says : 73% Middle Eastern, divided into Asia Minor and West Middle East and 27% is Southeast Europe(which I believe is the same as the Middle East in my case).
    Ancestry says 59% Middle East and 41% Turkey and the Caucasus.Myheritage is almost the same as ancestry but it is more specific about the Middle Eastern part which 11% of it is Mizrahi Jewish and I also got 3.9 % Ashkenazi Jewish.
    Most of my matches on all 3 of the testing companies are Middle Eastern people and some Europeans( 20cm and less).
    Both of my parents are Lebanese.But I was more interested in doing a Y Dna test because the origins of my paternal side are confusing.Some in the family say that we come from Turkey,
    others say from the Arabian Peninsula and others say from Iran.
    It is very difficult to get records about such things in Lebanon because of the civil war 40 years ago, lots of documents got destroyed.So I have to rely on genetic testing which is going to be a very hard road.
    I know that skin color has nothing to do with ancestry but I have to mention that on my paternal side, most are blond by birth and we are all very pale.Most people think of Saudis and people of the Emirates as very dark people.However there are many of them that are very white in skin color even though they live in a very hot climate.There are also many Lebanese who are white in skin color and have colored eyes, which I think comes somewhere from the Caucasus (Georgia,Armenia).
    So what does J-M267 tell me ? How do I proceed from here ?

    Ftdna says the following :

    Haplogroup J-M267 is found at its highest frequencies in the southern Middle East, west of the Zagros Mountains in Iran, to the Mediterranean Sea, and encompassing the entire Arabian Peninsula. The J-M267 marker has been carried by Middle Eastern traders into Europe, central Asia, India, and Pakistan. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry, this lineage is found at substantial frequencies within Jewish populations. The Cohen modal haplotype lineage, as well as the presumed lineage of the Prophet Mohammed, are found in Haplogroup J-M267. J1 is also one of the main Haplogroups found among Arab populations.

    I have checked the haplogroups of my autosomal matches, none of them are J-M267.And the Y testing matches with a genetic distance of 0 are from Saudi Arabia who come from a popular family of clerics.
    So in summery can I say that at least on my paternal side, I am very semitic ?

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    FTDNA on predicts a very basic haplogroup (old parent branch of full haplogroup label) on yDNA STR marker values.
    If unable to predict with confidence they will run a backbone test to test yDNA SNP to give you this very basic haplogroup.
    One has to do additional SNP testing to confirm a deeper more recent subclade placement of J-M267. One should seek haplogroup projects admins advice before ordering SNP testing

    J-M267 is said to been formed 31600 ybp, TMRCA 18200 ybp
    You will be one of the following subclade branches of J-M267 if you did Full YDNA SNP testing.

    12marker matches are not really that reliable in a Genealogical timeframe, For genealogical purposes yDNA67 recommended with yDNA37 being minimum.