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My matches got switched around

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  • My matches got switched around

    So I have a 37 marker test that results in 28 matches, which I assume is a good thing. Aggravating thing is that my only surname match was with my 1st cousin, who I didn't know was in the database, and the rest are all 2 different surnames. First of the week my matches had been like they've been for a month and I was used to seeing them in a particular order. Now they're all mixed up and some are showing the exact same TiP reports, which I didn't notice before, and I have some with a genetic distance of 3 with lower probabilities of a common ancestor at 4 and 8 generations than some of the matches at genetic distance 4. Can someone explain this to me?

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    You can click on any of the column names, other than Big Y, to sort the results by that column.