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can I get indications regarding Y-DNA with the help of a chromosome reader?

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  • can I get indications regarding Y-DNA with the help of a chromosome reader?

    I am new to this and would need help answering some questions.

    Since it is about a father unknown in our tree, an autosomal DNA test (uploaded in family finder and myheritage), a Y-DNA 37 and a Y-DNA 67 is done.

    In the family finder I have received thousands of matches but there I cannot see if it is on the father or on the mother's side.

    At Y-DNA 67 we have six matches of which one, person Z, I also matched in the family finder. Unfortunately, the genetic distance is 3 and unfortunately there is no access to chromoson readers.

    Through the chromosome reader I can see other people "Z" and I match with by triangulation on chromosom no. 7.

    I wonder:
    1. Can I assume that the others that I and person Z are triangulated with - that it is a match via Y-dna?

    2. Can I somehow get the result of the Y-dna test into a chromosome reader and thus get some indication of whether it is on the father's or the mother's side a match is made?

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    Both FTDNA and MyHeritage have chromosome browsers for autosomal DNA.

    You can use Y-DNA surname projects at FTDNA to compare Y-DNA results. See for an example. Of course all people being compared must be in the same project to make the compare easy. Y-DNA is not included in autosomal results from FTRNA or MyHeritage.


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      Do you know of any relatives on the father's side, or the mother's, who would do an autosomal test? At FTDNA, if you have a known relative on one side or the other tested, you can also make a family tree and then connect that person to it. By doing that, some of the autosomal matches will be "phased" into the appropriate side. See the pages in the FTDNA Learning Center for Family Matching System and Family Matching Tool. If you use that tool, you may be able to narrow down some of your matches to the mother or father's side.

      For people who match with Y-DNA, but you want to see if they also match with autosomal DNA (or vice versa), try the Advanced Matching Page. That will let you see if any Y-DNA matches have also done a Family Finder test, so you can check for them in your autosomal matches. As Jim Barrett said, there is no Chromosome Browser for Y-DNA, only autosomal DNA.