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Is the chromosome browser not available with a yDNA test kit?

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  • Is the chromosome browser not available with a yDNA test kit?

    I manage several kits here and while I am able to sort results and compare with the Chromosome Browser in some, others do not have this option. Is this feature only available with the Family Finder? If so, how do you 'see' how matches compare with the yDNA results? I'm new to yDNA, be kind.

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    FTDNA offers 3 main types of testing, for the three different types of DNA: autosomal (Family Finder), Y-DNA (STR, SNP, BigY), and mitochondrial (mtPlus and mtFullSequence).

    The Chromosome Browser is only for autosomal matches in Family Finder (apples to apples). For Y-DNA matching (oranges to oranges), it depends upon which type of Y-DNA test has been taken.
    • For STR matches, see the Y-DNA Matches page in the FTDNA Learning Center.
    • SNP tests do not show matching, but rather give information for the SNP place on the Y-DNA tree, or the SNP map to see where a chosen subclade is present.
    • BigY results show others who are in your terminal subclade; BigY matching is explained on the BigY page in the Learning Center.
    You may have a Y-DNA STR match who also has taken the Family Finder test, so would be in your Family Finder match list. You can use "Advanced Matching" to find these matches. The orange link for Advanced Matches is found at the bottom of the Y-DNA section on your home page.

    The FTDNA webinar page might be worth checking out. They cover many topics for Y-DNA and other DNA subjects.
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      Thank you!