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Excessive YSTR matches, even at 67 and 111; Scottish; L1335

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  • Excessive YSTR matches, even at 67 and 111; Scottish; L1335

    Several people in a sub-group of the Abrams YDNA project have tested out to 67 and 111 matches. They have very high numbers. I am the Group Admin, but I am not related to them.

    One of the members has 733 matches at 37, over 900 at 67 and then 'only' about 60 at 111. Most of these matches are in the lower ranges, but there are over 100 exceeding 63/67. At 111, two of the top three are also named Abrams, at 108 and 106. The bulk of the names, maybe 2/3, are of obvious Scottish origin, but no one name predominates. Lots of McSurnames.

    Why so many? I can count my matches at 67 on one hand. What is going on with Scottish YSTR matches?

    How often are there substantially more matches at 67 than at 37?

    Quite a few have done advanced SNP testing. The ones I have checked follow R-P312 >DF13 >L1335 > L1065 > etc. McPherson seems to pop up around these SNPs, although it was not a huge STR surname.

    Can anyone shed any light on why so many STR matches and how to narrow them down. So far I have just been pushing SNP testing to get a better feel for the 'right' branch, and getting the 37/67s to upgrade to 111 But I am not sure what else to encourage. Do other Scottish names have big STR numbers?

    None of my Abrams members can trace a tree before 1750, usually South/North Carolina. No awareness of Scottish Y roots. There are also quite a few 37/37s with different surnames, but I am expecting them to be mathematical coincidences, at least until they test at higher levels. Although I have included them on the Public Y Results page.

    Any help or observations would be appreciated.

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