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  • DYS413

    I have a new 67 marker ydna match today. I encouraged Joseph to do the test, and we show as a 1 step match, 66/67. I noticed that the marker we differ at is dys413, Joseph has 22-23 & I have 23-24. I guess they just count this as a 1 step match unless they made a mistake? I know we are paternal 4th cousins; because we share the same 3rd great-grandfather, Zachariah Wells, b.abt 1778 d. 1836 at Bryan County, Georgia. My paternal line continued with Zachariah's son Andrew A. Wells, 1813-1865 & Joseph's paternal line continued with Zachariah's son Thomas K. Wells, 1820-1864.

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    DWL - For calculation of the DYS413, see the "Dual Marker Values" section of this Roberta Estes article. Basically, in the case of a multi-value marker such as DYS413, you cancel out all matching pairs of values, regardless of order, so the two 23s cancel, and you are left with a 22 and a 24. Each non-canceled pair of values only counts as a genetic distance of 1, so even though 24-22 is 2, it only adds 1 to the genetic distance.