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  • big help needed ydna

    my brother did his ydna for me ,to help find our fathers male line , he came back as R-M269 haplogroup , he did the 67 test i have no idea where i go from here , ive looked at the matches on 67 -theres only one , hes a distance of 7 can someone explain in plain english what i do next please , thank you

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    How many 37 marker matches does he have, and how many of them show as doing yDNA67 or yDNA111?

    Beside matches name will show what level of yDNA testing they have done.

    As for haplogroup, yDNA STR testing only predicts a very basic Haplogroup, old parent branch
    R-M269 is parent branch to many more recent subclade branches, it was formed approx. 13300 ybp, TMRCA 6400 ybp
    Haplogroup is not really relevant in genealogical research
    If one wants full haplogroup label, one has to do yDNA SNP testing, after talking with ones haplogroup projects admins and taking their advice. Maybe as simple as a single yDNA SNP test or going all out and purchasing BigY.


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      hi prairelad ,thank you for that ,im still none the wiser , brother shows 5 @37 all with 4 genetic distance 0f these 1 is 37--- 2 are 67--- and 2 are 111--- is that significant please ,thank you