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  • Trying to grasp a basic concept

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate post; I thought I already asked this question, but find no evidence that I succeeded.

    Please tell me if my assumption on Y-DNA is correct.

    I’m assuming that a Y12 is a subset of a Y25 which is a subset of Y37 which is a subset of Y67. In other words, a Y67 has all the information contained in each of the subsets and that as a result, taking a Y12 is nonsensical for someone who has already taken a Y67.

    Is this true or false?

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    You did succeed in posting your question in this same forum two days ago: see
    There has been one post there that answers your question.
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      yDNA12 test the first batch of STR markers, yDNA25 tests the original 12 markers plus an additional 13, yDNA37 tests both 12 and 25 levels plus an additional 12, ect.

      So if you have done yDNA67, yes yDNA12, yDNA25, and yDNA37 markers are tested plus an additional 30 markers.

      Results will give seperate matching tabs from each level.
      YDNA matching tab the most relevant as lower levels are at a lower resolution, not all yDNA12 matches will stay matching at the higher yDNA67 resolution level.