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Mitchell / Miller Adoption in the 1850's

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  • Mitchell / Miller Adoption in the 1850's

    My great grandfather (named G. W. Mitchell, b. 1854)) was suspected of being adopted, with his original somehow connected name being Miller. His assumed biological parents were a J. Mitchell (male b. 1819) and S. Booth (female b. 1822). Using Ancestry Shared DNA matches, I was able to prove that indeed one of G.W.’s parental lines is a Miller line, and the actual Miller family (not the individual) has been identified. I have a write-up about this on Ancestry. The problem here is that I can’t tell whether G.W.’s true male parent was a Mitchell, a Miller, or neither. I obviously can’t tell which. This looks like a Y-Chr analysis is in order, but I’m a little concerned how well this particular separation (between Miller and Mitchell) from an ancestor that far back can be achieved using only my own Mitchell Y-DNA. Can you please advise, and suggest which Y-Chr kit might be best appropriate??

    Thanx in advance for your help,

    Mitch Mitchell

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    A lot depends on how much you want to spend to solve the problem. Generally a Y-37 is the modern entry level test. This is a good time of year to do it due to the sales available. I would try that and see if you match existing tested people that show a Miller or Mitchell line. If you do not match someone closely, the next step would be to find a male descendant from the Mitchell/Miller family you suspect and sponsor a Y-37 test for them. If you are related in the past few hundred years, a match should occur. Y tests can always be upgraded in the future for a fee. If you are feeling lucky, you could gamble on doing a higher Y level test immediately to avoid upgrading.
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      MitcheR1, just FYI (since this was your first post and you may be new to FTDNA): if you wish to invest in Y-DNA testing, the sale prices are shown at Use code MERRY5 for orders under $100, or code MERRY10 for 10% off orders over $100. Shipping is reduced to $9.95 through Dec. 16th.


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        Thank you both for your insightful posts. There's a lot to think about here before I proceed.