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Y-DNA matches by STR Only?

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  • Y-DNA matches by STR Only?

    When they display your Y DNA matches on here, do they only look for similar STR numbers or is there any scanning of SNPs to accompany that? I'm asking because simply trying to match by STR works in many cases, but there are occasions where an STR result between two people will be similar with only a few GD between the samples but the subclades are completely different if you were to run the Big-Y on both.

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    The Y-DNA match page is based on STRs only. Many of the STR matches have not done any SNP testing.


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      Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
      The Y-DNA match page is based on STRs only. Many of the STR matches have not done any SNP testing.
      This, the only 2 str matches I currently have at 25+ markers(at least 1 more incoming, I should be within the STR matching criteria of my own father, considering he's a autosomal match for being exactly that) have either not tested beyond their STR test(s), or only did a SNP test to verify the predicted result from the FTDNA result suggestion.

      That said, I had a lot of SNP tested individuals who are matches at 11 markers who are within 2 "braches" of my current terminal SNP(SNP Pack tested). Although I also have 11 marker matches where you need to backtrack an estimated 5,000 years or more to find a common ancestor, and they were [email protected] markers, unlike my more recent clade members.

      So you probably have 11 marker matches that are helpful in predicting where you belong, but you're also very likely to have 11 marker matches which will send you down the wrong trail, and telling them apart without help(Nevgen, Project Admins, others) is a tricky proposition at best. Which is why consulting Project Administrators is so frequently advised.

      At 25 or more markers, they're likely to start pointing you in the right general direction, but only if you're lucky enough to match someone who SNP tested out to a high level. Your terminal SNP is still likely to differ, but you're more likely to at least be in the same general part of the tree.

      Basically if you're going for "on the cheap" and don't trust project administrator predictions for whatever reasons. IF you have a 25+ marker match who has SNP tested higher/deeper into the tree, the SNP Pack which gets you closest to them might be in order(and may not even test for their SNP). If it is a 37+ marker match I would think it unlikely the relevant SNP Pack could go wrong, but your mileage may vary based on the particular quirks of your haplogroup(some have larger STR Convergence issues going on than others; while others have "more finely tuned" SNP Packs in play, so that narrow focus could cause a possible complete miss as well). Big Y is always the safest bet.
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