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  • Y37 Exact Match 0 1089

    Ihave a Y37 Exact Match 0 with 1089 cm's. He is too old to be my sibling but to young to be grandparent. This leaves Uncle. I'm told no need for a y67 because of the cms. Is my conclusion correct or at least on the right path?

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    A Y-DNA test does not provide cM results. You and this match must have also done a Family Finder test, and that is where you see the 1089 cMs.

    According to the DNA Detectives Autosomal Statistics Chart, the relationship at 1089 cMs could be: first cousin; half aunt/uncle/niece/nephew; great-grandparent/great-grandchild; or great-aunt/uncle/niece/nephew. Since you seem to have an idea of this match's age, and from Y testing we know he's a male, you can probably eliminate most of those, leaving the possibilities of first cousin, half uncle or half nephew (all of which could be much older or younger than you, as could a sibling). You can also visualize the possible relationships using the chart for the Shared cM Project at Blaine Bettinger's blog.

    Have you contacted the match to see what he says? If he has a family tree or a list of surnames and locations at FTDNA, you should be able to narrow the relationship down. When first contacting him, keep it simple, and offer any surnames and locations in common if you know them.


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      In a situation like this, you, as a genealogist, need to consider ALL of the possible family trees that could yield this result -- including the shared Y chromosome, and the total shared cM. After drawing all of the possible tree that are consistent with the genetic evidence, then you will try to find additional evidence to rule out some of the possibilities, until only one, presumably the correct one, remains. Do you have any matches in common with the new match? Have any of your close relatives been tested, and if so, how closely do they match this person? Have any of his close relatives been tested? The paper trail (comparing your family story to his), when combined with the genetic evidence, should get you closer to a solution. It might be helpful to upload both Family Finder kits to GEDmatch, where the tools can be used to identify matches on specific segments, and where you will also be able to spot matches who happened to test with different vendors.


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        This has been almost a 3 year journey for us with this match. We have reached out to him, and his family. This Saturday the match and his sister are meeting with my brother, who he matched on the y37 test.
        My brother has asked me to put together a report explaining why I think the match is our half uncle, the following is what I have prepared, but I feel I am missing something.

        How I concluded that this match is our half Uncle, his dad our grandfather...

        "The higher the centimorgans, the more closely related you are to a match." - laments termscm chart.jpg
        • Brother Buddy shares 2,744 with Theresa (me) from family finder
        • Maternal Uncle CC (our moms brother) shares 1,922 with Theresa from ancestry
        • First Cousin RS (our moms nephew) shares 1,018 with Theresa from ancestry
        • The Match shares 1,089 with Buddy, from family finder
          • Exact Match at 0 steps to Brother Buddy with the y37 test from ftdna
          • Looked at ancestry matches...
            • None of my maternal dna matches leads to this matches ancestry... NO COMMON ANCESTORS between them
            • However I had several 2nd cousin matches that I could not place on our maternal side, but these cousins all shared matches with each other
            • I then decided to make a shadow tree and piece together these cousins
            • Using the shadow tree, it became quite evident they were related to The Match compared to his tree...
            • Their ancestors all tied into the McMillins listed below the 0 step match
            • I then realized the MRCA is the great grandfather of The Match
            • He would be half uncle as his mother's ancestry doesn't match any of ours, and no dna relatives could be found
          • The match shares 909 with Theresa
          • The match sister shares 985 with Theresa
        matches to me.jpg

        Finally, when you piece together all the information, this is what the tree looks like:


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