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which to use more - haplogroup or genetic distance

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  • which to use more - haplogroup or genetic distance


    Concerning the Y-DNA matches report. Is it more important to look at matches that are in the same haplogroup, or those that have a smaller genetic distance?

    The report that I have shows two results that are both 0 distance and the same haplogroup. Those matches with a distance of 1 are from a different haplogroup. And, those with a distance of 2 are from still other haplogroups.

    Is it important to contact those with a genetic distance of 1 since they are from a different haplogroup?


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    In regards to more common haplogroups SNPs will be of higher importance than STRs. For example with the haplogroup R-M269 you can have several matches from "different" haplogroups like R-L21 or R-M222, however don't be fooled, L21 and M222 are downstream of M269 (with M222 being downstream of L21). These sorts of matches can be due to a lack of SNP testing. However R-M269 subclades can have a lot of haplotype convergence leading to false matches.

    If we are dealing with haplogroups such as I-M253, Q-M242 or N-M231 the matches can sometimes be more reliable with less instances of false matches. However the same convergence issues can occur (just less frequently).