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Brother's low # of results

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  • Brother's low # of results

    First, thanks to all who responded on my first post concerning my husband's DNA. Now I am asking about the results of my brother's Y 37 DNA. Since there are over 400 Owen or variants of the name in the Surname Project, I expected a few matches to the Owen name, no luck with that or even matches to other surnames.

    He has numerous matches at the Y12 level at GD of 0 and only 1 at GD of 1. I know not to put much credence in matches at this level of testing.

    He only has 2 matches at the Y25 level, 1 at GD of 0 and 1 at the GD of 1. Not the same surname.

    At the Y37, only the match at Y25, GD of 0 carried on.

    I know if I ask what to do next, it would be to go to the Y67 or Y111 level or to the Big Y. I might venture to do the 67 the next time it is on sale (just upgraded another testee to the Y111 this week).

    But I was so hoping to find an Owen surname match. Just feeling frustrated. Thanks for letting me vent.


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    The logical conclusion is that your Owen is not connected with the other Owen families who have been tested for Y DNA. If this were not true, you would most likely have already found some closer matches. In effect, that means you can safely ignore their pedigrees! But be patient, new matches could appear at any time.

    As for where exactly your Owen actually belongs on the Y haplotree, that can be very difficult to determine without additional testing to identify the SNP's. If you should end up on a little twig on the haplotree, with no other Owens around you, that does not necessarily mean that there was an illegitimacy somewhere in the paternal line. More likely, it would mean that the SNP mutations in your part of the haplotree occurred before it became fashionable to use permanent surnames, in whatever region your paternal line came from.


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      I realize that means he doesn't match any of the other Owen people who have been tested. I only know as far back as William Owen, 1810-1865 born, raised, and died in Charles County, MD. There was a John Owen there in the 1660's, found a land deed where he sold land within a few miles of where my family was in the early 1800's. Many of my autosomal matches on ancestry have the old Charles County names. I know numerous Owen and Owens were in the neighboring counties and then moved on into Charles County. Just haven't found the one that leads to my William (there are numerous Johns and Williams, and other family names there in the 1700's.

      I have a Gedmatch with a man whose mother was an Owen and her family is well documented back to an Evan Owen in Wales, on the northwest coast. Her grandfather moved north of London and she was the first to come to the United States after WWll. Thought that was an interesting bit of information.

      Thanks for your comments. Patience is not one of my strongest virtues!