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I do not know if my kit has arrived

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  • I do not know if my kit has arrived

    My order arrived at the company 3 days ago and so far I have not received anything about it. Is this normal? Or should I communicate with them about this. Also how do I know the expected duration of my results

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    Sign into your kit. In the left hand column click on "Complete Order History". Above the dark bar click on "Check on the status of pending tests".

    If your kit hasn't been batched yet you may not have the second link.

    The last I knew kits were batched on Wednesday and Monday so it may not be batched until later today.

    By "expected duration" if you are asking how long will it take to get your results, it will depend on the test(s) you ordered. 6 to 8 weeks is a good average. Some test take less time others take more. This also assumes the lab doesn't have a problem with your sample.


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      Also - you say "My order arrived at the company 3 days ago" - BUT that may be when the Houston Post Office put it in the bag for FTDNA to pick up - and sometimes it takes a while for FTDNA to pick up the bag. So look on order history, but do not panic if it still says "Pending" for when it was received.

      (On the other hand - if it still shows the kit was not received more than 10 days after the post office says it was delivered, you might want to contact FTDNA just to make sure nothing actually went wrong.)


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        Thank you so much, they sent me a notice that my shipment arrived and they let me know when the results would be expected.

        Finally, when I buy a family finder, how long does it take?And is it starting on Monday?