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  • Brothers

    Hi, I am the mother of two sons and know for absolutely sure that they both have the same father.

    So why does one show E-L117 and the other, E-M35? And they have a genetic distance of 1??

    Can this be ok, or do they need to retest?

    Thanks for the help.

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    You say there is a genetic distance of 1 but you left out how many markers they both tested? Do they show as matches to each other?


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      Sorry. They both had the Y-DNA67 test. And show each other as matches.


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        Mutations happen at any time, as long as show as a match to one another on their yDNA match list all is normal.
        One son just has a STR marker value that has had a recent mutation.

        My Father and his brother are a GD of 1 @ 37 marker level.
        My Father is a GD of 4 to their paternal 1st cousin @ the 37 Marker Level
        My Uncle is a GD of 3 to their paternal 1st cousin at the 37 Marker level.
        Their cousin is the closest GD wise to our surname matches.
        There has been multiple recent STR mutations in my Grandfather and or my Father since our common ancestor between lines of my Great Grandfather.

        E-M35 and E-L117 are both the same subclade branch of Haplogroup E
        Both are E1b1b1
        Not sure why FTDNA would list them as different SNPs other then one maybe predicted and other confirmed due to SNP testing.
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