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  • Matches vs. relationship

    I'm a bit new to all of this so forgive me if I am asking a question that "everyone" should know the answer to.

    My brother did a y-37 test and I was looking at one of his matches who also did a 37 marker test BUT they only match at 25 with a gd of 1.

    It has been suggested to me that there isn't really a relationship there (despite what the relationship calculator in the "tip" box says) so I now I don't know what to think.

    Relationship or no?? Do I continue to look at these or ignore them??


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    Originally posted by Sis65 View Post
    My brother did a y-37 test and I was looking at one of his matches who also did a 37 marker test BUT they only match at 25 with a gd of 1.
    There are lots of false matches at 12 and 25, regardless of what TiP says. Only bother looking at the genetic distance and TiP at the highest number markers both people have tested at. In my case, I have 182 matches with a gd of 0 or 1 at 25 markers, but only 1 with a gd of 5 or less at 67 markers and that is the only guy I am related to (last name and genealogy match up).


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      Thanks, this is basically what I was told. It is just confusing to me.
      What I mean is that it seems misleading to make it appear as though matches are matches (or a match is a relation -- does that make sense?) when they are not.

      I'm sure there are a lot of people just getting started who are confused and/or mislead into thinking that someone is a relation. One would think it would be set up differently.

      I (and sorry if it seems like I am venting) suppose there is a reason that someone who, say test 111 markers might want to look at a "match" with someone who tested 12 markers --- maybe someone who knows how to extract deep information using in depth algorithms, ha ha ha ha.
      For the rest of us we are really just trying to make sense of it all and figure out where our dad's came from.

      I know there are help pages and I have read some of them but (and I may have missed it) I haven't found one yet that explains how to sort through the matches. I'm looking for something that helps me understand what matches I should really look at and which to ignore. Obviously I know that when my brother, who did 37 and another person who did 37 match at 37 with a gd of 1 with the same surname -- but I mean when I get past those matches .

      Anyway, thanks for the response and thanks for allowing me to vent


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        Has your brother or you done autosomal testing (ie FamilyFinder)?
        Has this match done FamilyFinder? If he has it will show FF beside his name on match list.

        Does this match share your surname?
        Do you question your Surname due to adoption or a Non paternal event?

        Normally if match does not match at the 37 marker level, this would indicate that the common ancestor is before a genealogical relevant timeframe.


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          Yes, my brother and I have both done family finder. The match in question has not, but I am encouraging him to do so. He is actually an IVF baby -- which is going to make it virtually impossible to find his birth father.

          I thought if he took family finder he might find relations that way. He knows his mothers family so maybe by process of elimination he may be able to find some cousins or a geographic area where his father was from.

          I have a friend who is an adoptee who started out with y-dna and it was somewhat helpful but he actually benefitted more from family finder. After he took family finder he discovered two half sisters! I shared this story with the match mentioned above and hopefully he will order the family finder test and find some answers.


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            I've found that YDNA testing is rather like fishing. When I first had my brother's Y test run I did it to 12 and got tons of matches at zero steps, 1,2,3 steps and on up. Only one shared a common name with me. And he was a cousin of my father that I already knew about. Now I've taken my brother's test up to 67 and there are no zero, 1,2,or 3 step matches. His matches start at 4 and go up. The only thing that we really can tell from this is that those who match him at 4 are all basically Irish. Which is what I would expect from my family tree info on my father's father's line.