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My Y-DNA results... so I am an elf then.

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    My dad is in the same haplogroup as your self, R-M198. We are Pakistani but it looks like you and my dad aren't matched with each other. hmm?

    Originally posted by jötunn View Post
    My father was really dark for Europe (darker than Arabs, from the face and color I would guess South India, because people there really look similar)

    From the look of my Y-DNA matches, there are absolutely 0 matches in south India, just a few on the border around Pakistan. And, most of my matches are in Norway and Sweden, while absolutely 0 in Danmark or Finland.

    This means that my father either took his Indian appearance from women, or he was not my father.

    From what my mother said, she never betrayed my father. But she keeps saying that even now and there are many proofs of romance............... and my mother looked quite Polish or German, while I look completely Scandinavian - so Scandinavian, so I look alien and "Scandinavian" to Poles, where Poland is mostly composed of Scandinavian genes.

    What´s even more interesting there is 1 (just 1!) match in Iceland - the country that increased its population 100 times over the last few centuries, with no immigration. And, one match with some native American in Canada.

    And even more - people in Poland tell I look Norwegian, people in Norway tell I look British, and people in Iceland tell I look... really Icelandic!?

    Damn it, does it really have to be so uncertain? If 100 year difference between father´s and son´s birth on paper was not enough...

    In the "Ancestral Origins" table, most %s go to the places where I have only 1 match, but it gives like 0.8% due to not many samples.

    I have a 2.6% with Afganistan on 12-marker GD1 level. The rest is below 1%. With the way my father look I could say he was Asian... but no paper trails lead there.

    Instead, they lead to at least two royal houses. Royal houses mean schemes and plots, which would explain all the uncertainties. But if there was a forged relationship between Scandinavian kings and some Asian individual... well, my father would not claim to have Turkish origins and instead would be proud of his royal bloodline.

    Just wondering, is there any chance of pushing it forward? Is it possible to find any closer matches with Big Y, if I had 0 matches on Y-37 or any higher level? I believe it means I differ a lot from everyone else in the database, but people are still suggesting to get Big Y. So, I guess the only chance it can work is if miraculously I got mutations in the markers tested by Y-111 and almost nowhere else, am I right?

    They say my predicted haplogroup is R-M198, but I doubt it is any close to the truth - more like my haplogroup is very exotic and has not been discovered yet.