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How understand percentage and genetic distance

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  • How understand percentage and genetic distance

    First of all, if you could be tolerant about my english because I'm french !
    I recently received my Y-DNA 37. I found 2 matches at 37 markers, with a genetic distance of 4.
    For one of those matches, the comparison chart show me a percentage of similarity of 88.06%, at the 8th generation.
    I would understand what is the most important: markers, genetic distance, percentage ?
    To explain my target with this Y test: I'm looking for the father (unknowm) of my g-g-g-grand-father, born in 1816, in France. The matches I found are both irish !
    Between this unknown father and me, there are actually 6 generation.
    If I have to select markers which match with me, is it better to research low genetic distance or high percentage ?
    In this kind of test, at what level a percentage become meaningful ?

    Thank you for any help,

    Loïc Mairesse