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  • Where to look next?

    I am stumped. Having established what seems a solid paper trail of my surname back12 generations (all Protestants in American communities of English descent), I have just got my Ydna 111 results back with not a single instance of my surname but many 100s of irish and some scottish surnames of 0 genetic distance starting from Niall of the nine hostages. Where should I start next to find the adopted or illegitimate Celt who has my real surname? Is there something in the data that would give an indication of how far back this happened?

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    You have hundreds of matches at 111 markers? Are you sure you are not looking at 12 markers? If you just now got your results, you may be looking at just the 12 marker matches, because the panels tend to come in one at a time over the period of a few days.


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      You are correct, sir.

      Yes, I had it backwards. No familiar surnames in 8 111marker matches or in 4004 12marker matches. That's a mess of possible mystery kin folks.

      I know for a fact I'm descended from my lookalike great grandfather, but before that, I suppose my male line could have come from some unexpected source. Maybe one of those 4004 matches of zero genetic distance could lead back to a common ancestor? Seems impossible to sort out....