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Matches: 1,951 on Family Finder, only 1 on Y-DNA?

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  • Matches: 1,951 on Family Finder, only 1 on Y-DNA?

    Well, that's disappointing.

    My paternal grandfather is the mystery in my genealogy. So, it was very disappointing to get a mere one -- count 'em, one! -- match in Y-DNA listing, but 1,951 matches in the Family Finder.

    And that single match on Y-DNA was at a genetic distance of 4.

    That grandfather was from Bavaria, and I've heard that there is very little DNA testing for genealogy in Germany. Is THAT the problem?

    Many of the matches in Family Finder have Finnish names, so that is a match for the grandMOTHER's side. But why just a lonely single match on the Y-DNA side?

    Advice warmly welcomed!
    Kevin Killion

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    European countries have imposted some restrictions on DNA, with (at last report) one country requiring medical supervision, and some imposing mailing restrictions on genetic material.

    To your point, the database for yDNA was massively affected by the dropout of Ancestry and Sorenson Genomics, and many Ancestry results were never transferred to FTDNA, but there may be matches for your man that are unseeable because FTDNA does not allow matching for transferred results. Those men with transfers have to retest with FTDNA to get match protocols.

    One day a match may show up, it just takes time, and yDNA is not as marketable as autosomal, which is relatively inexpensive and not gender-specific.
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      The number of matches you may get depend on the number of potential paternal cousins that are out there and getting tested. If your paternal grandfather has no paternal cousins, distant or otherwise, then you will never see matches. If he has cousins but they live in an area that has not been getting much testing, that would explain it as well. This site is in English. That is a factor if distant cousins are still in the old country that may not speak English primarily.

      Another factor that Clintonslayton brings up is that the autosomal test (Family Finder, AncestryDNA) is more popular. So it is still possible you have a Y cousin as a match in the FF database who has not bothered to take a Y test. Search through the matches and if you see any possible leads, talk to them about getting a Y test done.