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  • Which test to take?

    I am hoping for some guidance on which FtDNA test I should order for my husband. I posted this in adoption, but realized I should have posted it over here.

    We are looking for his mother's biological family as she is adopted. One of two Missions.

    The second mission his the hunt for my husband's Great Grandfather's family. John Paul Reck is a man of mystery, he shows up in 1911 as John Paul Recktenwald/Paul Recktenwald, then changes his name to John Paul Reck. I have found extensive records and newspaper articles after that date, (The man was boxing clear into his 50's) but despite extensive searching, I have found nothing before that date.

    He stated that he was born in 1876 or 1881 in Alsace Lorraine, France on some records, but Germany on others. He stated he had a twin sister. We believe he was in the German military before he emigrated, which was supposedly 1904 according to census records. His martial arts skills, boxing, Judo and Greco Roman grappling were taught in the German military in that time period. He stated he has older brothers, but I can not find any of the names listed in census reports or other listings TOGETHER, nor connected together in any way. He stated that he and his brother jumped ship from a 4 masted schooner on the east coast some where.

    I could write a book about the lengths I have gone to in the search and the hours and hours I have spent unraveling so many parts of this mystery. (I tracked down his first child from his first marriage based on her first name, approximate age, and being told that either she or her mother died in an insane asylum somewhere around Austin, all things children heard while eavesdropping over 70 years ago. No DNA involved!)

    My husband has done DNA testing on 23andMe, as well as Ancestry. His DNA kits are uploaded on FtDna, My Heritage, DNALand, and Gedmatch.

    We come up with 3rd cousins and further that we think are paternal matches, but no closer. My husband really wants to find where this man came from.

    I found my MIL's younger brother on Ancestry, who was also adopted. I use him as the eliminator for determining whether the relative is a paternal or maternal match. I have several "marker" people for determining which side relatives are from. His mother's side also shows Native American ancestry. My husband has 9.8, his sister a similar percent, and their uncle 20%.

    My husband's younger sister has and Ancestry kit, which I also uploaded to Gedmatch.

    I am hoping that one of the YDNA kits here can shed more light on just where his paternal great grandfather came from.

    I have tracked his paternal grandmother's family back to the Revolutionary war as well as the English plantation owners of Barbados. (There are SEVEN DNA circles and even more crazy family groups on that side)

    His paternal Great Grandmother's family came from Prussia, East Prussia, Germany and Lithuania. I have tracked them back into the late 1600's up through today.

    With that much info, can you all guide me to which is the right kit to help us figure out this mystery of his great grandfather, and which will help us find his mother's family too?

    If it helps, 23andme says his Y Haplo group is R-L48 and his X Haplo group is H6a1b.

    Thank you so much for the help.