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Who's a better y-test partner Son or 1st Cousin?

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  • Who's a better y-test partner Son or 1st Cousin?

    Hi All

    I am thinking about getting the Y-DNA 67 or 111 after my autosomal results from Ancestry brought about a number of matches on my maternal side but next to nothing on my paternal side.

    I have a couple of questions & I hope that someone experienced can offer me some guidance.

    1) FTDNA advocate two males known to be related to take the Y-test, is it vital or important to have two people test or is it fine with one person?

    2) I ask this (number 1) because I know my son is my son & know my 1st cousin is my 1st cousin. With this in mind if two people is vital then who should be my second tester?

    Are my results likely to better via my son or my cousin or is there no benefit of one over the other?

    Kind Regards

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    Depending on the situation and what you are trying to accomplish, one person may be enough for a Y-DNA test.

    If you are trying to learn about a remote ancestor, you need at least two people in different lines to test and if they turn out not to match, you need people in more lines to test in order to find out which line the non-paternity event occurred in.

    But if you are just want to know your haplogroup and don't suspect a recent NPE, testing one person is fine. There will probably be no difference at all in the results of yourself, your son, and your first cousin. Still, I would test an older generation (yourself rather than your son).