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    I am in a couple of projects (NPE), but would be interested in viewing the contents of projects for my non-paternal line (e.g. mother's surname) to see who the earliest ancestors are? Is it possible to view those results, as I should not really join them if I know that it is not my paternal line?
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    This page - - lists the hundreds of projects at FTDNA. That includes surname (yDNA, for males), geographic (both male and female), yDNA haplogroup projects (for males) and mtDNA haplogroup projects (both male and female).

    If you have any idea about the geographic ancestry of your mother's side, you could try looking at the results tables for the geographic projects that would be relevant. Most FTDNA projects have public results tables.

    However, one thing that may be a roadblock is that in most European cultures, women don't keep their maiden name when they marry. So, tracing back a specific surname for a woman will be very difficult. You could check the yDNA surname project for the surname of your mother, but that sounds like a long-shot too. Also, only those who have had a yDNA or mtDNA test will show up on project results table. Those who've only tested Family Finder (probably a majority of new customers in the last 2-3 years) won't show up on results table.