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False Positives in Matches?

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  • False Positives in Matches?

    What is the difference between * and 0 when viewing Y-DNA results in advanced view?

    For instance, my closest matches are 23/25, but those show up as * / -2 / * for 12 / 25 / 37, respectively.

    Another match shows up as 0 / * / *, and shows up as a perfect match at 12, however this match does not show up at 37, so based on the learning center it is < 32/35.

    The asterisk cannot mean '> 2' or 'fail', otherwise my @25 results make no sense.

    If it means 'did not check' that is also hard to comprehend.

    Why would the entire 37 column come up as *? The asterisk seems to be incomprehensible without information I have as of yet not been able to find.

    Also, why would the 'tip' window allow me to increase the markers checked from 12 to 37 and shorten the range generations to common ancestor, when in fact the 12 result would be closer @ 0 difference than the 37 would be at -5 or more?
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    It might be helpful if you told us which boxes you checked before running the report.

    Is it possible those are "x" rather than "*"? Have you tried hovering over the symbols in question?


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      My mistake. I don't know how I forgot to attempt a mouse over or notice it if I did.

      What still makes no sense, however, is how I can have a -2 match at 25 and no matches that meat the inclusion threshold at 37, but when I view my 25 match in the 'TIP' window, and manually switch the comparison to 37, the estimates show us likely having a recent ancestor in a few generations, instead of pushing the MRCA estimate back, as it should.

      It is if it is still comparing at 37 as if my match at 25 is still a -2 at 37.

      That's very misleading, and I'd go so far as to call it blatant bug in the site.


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        Can you please send me a private message with more specific details on kit number, and the match this happens with? I would like to look into this further.

        Family Tree DNA


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          Darren, this happens with all of my matches. If a match does not show up at Y37, then I can change the threshold to Y12, and they will show up.

          If I click on the TIP window at that point and change the marker comparison to 37, it invariably increases the relatedness estimation.

          I'll PM you the kit number.