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    Hey Everyone!
    I am very new to this Genetic testing thing and unfortunately don't have nearly as much time as I would like to be able to study and understand all of the "lingo".

    I am looking for my grandfather (dads dad) and have talked to a relative (cousin) of the man that I suspect is him. he told me that he was registered here and that if I matched him then I was related to the man in question.
    After having the testing done I had 4 matches but none of them were anywhere near this person. All 4 have the same last name which is one that I've never heard mentioned by any family. The closest match is the genetic distance of 2 and from my limited understanding that is pretty close. In common terms what could be a 2? Could it be a first cousin, uncle, or something more distance?
    Sorry for the lack of knowledge on this. This new name could mean that everything that I've thought I knew about the last 50+ years might all be wrong. Its enough to make my head spin!!!

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    Did the cousin of the man you suspect was your grandfather do a Y-DNA test or a Family Finder test? If he did one kind of test and you did a different kind, he isn't going to show up among your matches. Also, you both have to be direct male descendants of an ancestor with no female breaking the line for the Y-DNA test. That doesn't apply to Family Finder, where you can test any relative.

    Also, how many markers did you test? A 12 marker test isn't reliable.

    The fact that all 4 of your matches have the same surname may be significant. What are the other GDs? It would only mean however, that misattributed parentage (illegitimacy, adoption, name change) occurred within the last 500 years or so if the GDs are high. It could be your father, your grandfather, or your 12th great-grandfather.

    You should do a Family Finder test in order to see if you have any close cousins with the surname that's showing up on your Y-DNA test. It might be necessary to eventually test at Ancestry and 23andMe too.

    A good book to read is The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy by Blaine T. Bettinger.


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      Thanks for the reply. I will have to find out what type of test he did, he didn't mention that. I will definitely do the Family Finder test also.