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    in 2015 my husband submitted a Y-DNA67 test. There have been zero results. I feel bad because I have had numerous results on my own mtDNA test. The same thing has happened on the research. I had really hoped that the DNA thing would help me to locate more of his family history. His grandfather came here from Mexico in 1913, and while I've found all the records for the ones who came here, and a few Church records from Mexico, I am pretty much at a very tall brick wall.

    This is probably a stupid question, but are there any other tests he could do to help to find matches? It seems to me if there are no Y-DNA matches, doing a Family Finder, or even a mtDNA test would have the same results. However, I am still confused about how DNA works. I thought I'd make sure there is nothing else that would help to break his brick wall, but I don't want to spend money to get zero results!

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    My own Y67 test also shows zero matches. This was not a surprise to me given my uncommon surname and due to where my paternal line comes from. I advice that you do have your husband take a FF test. He will have matches with that. Not everyone takes a Y-DNA test. The more popular test is the autosomal DNA tests such as Family Finder and AncestryDNA.

    Over at Ancestry, I have thousands of matches as I do here through autosomal DNA testing. My mtDNA has a few results. You might even want to have your husband take both, the FF from FTDNA and AncestryDNA from Ancestry. Not everyone who tests in one goes to the other. Whatever you do, you can always transfer the autosomal DNA data to for free.

    Given that you aren't sure how DNA works... Y-DNA is passed down from father to son on the all male paternal line. So for your husband to have matches. Think about his father and brothers. They share the same Y-DNA as would the father's father and the father's brothers. So on and so forth.

    Autosomal DNA is from all branches of his family tree within recent 5 or so generations. We get half of our autosomal DNA from each parent. So you might get matches that belong to the branch you have a brick wall on, or you might not. You can always wait for the next sale before ordering.


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      Perhaps your husband's paternal line is from an under tested area or he belongs to a Haplogroup with fewer members.

      What is his predicted Haplogroup?

      As already pointed out, Family Finder would be another option.