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No matches at Y12 and only one Ancestral Origin

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  • No matches at Y12 and only one Ancestral Origin

    My Uncle has tested an Y 12 and come up with no matches and only one ancestral match - which was germany. They are also reviewing his haplogroup - which from the other calculator is predicted to be J2b.

    I've upgraded to Y67 but I'm wondering if there are no matches at 12 can expect matches at 67?

    Any advice?

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    My father has no matches at the 12 marker level which in turn had FTDNA run the Backbone test (SNP Assurance Program)

    Only exact matches are shown at that level, if you are a member of a surname project and or haplogroup projects you are also shown matches with a GD of 1.

    My fathers basic predicted haplogroup assignment was R-M269

    Further testing showed that my line has had a recent STR mutation in the 12 marker level which prevented matching (0 GD)

    If your line has had a recent 12 marker mutation this will prevent matching at this level.

    Another reason could be that your surname is under represented in the FTDNA database.


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      Thanks prairie lad. He only has GD of 2 on 12 markers on Y search so I think maybe he is a rare one. Will have to wait and see what the upgrade shows.



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        Being a rare haplogroup is not a bad thing, genealogically. It means you can automatically rule out a close relationship with almost everybody who has been tested!


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          If it helps ydna 12 match GD 1 - 85% GD - 15% , because of YDNA 390 = 14 >1% tested, normally 12 tested 111 GD 20 Y Search
          so what are uncles GD 2 STR'S


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            There is one name - well it's two but from the project they are the same line that are a 12 at 439 where his is a 10. I think they may be a possibility and the tests are Y37 tests so I'm hoping that once the Y67 comes it back it might be a close match.


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              I have never had a 12 marker exact match in over 5 years. I only have a handful of 1 GD 's at 12 markers. I have absolutely nothing at any other marker levels. This despite my hapolgroup being R1b-L21 ,which is extremely common.
              I think the issue is having no one being tested in the region of your origins rather than the haplogroup. Now sometimes these two coincide such as with some Chinese test takers, for example, where both haplogroup and test takers are under represented in the database.

              I got so lonely here I even tested my brother just to have a


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                Originally posted by Brunetmj View Post

                I got so lonely here I even tested my brother just to have a
                That gave me a giggle! I might have to test his brothers. I am trying to get a cousin that descends from the same mystery man (uncles g grandfather) to see if that sheds any light.