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Y67: Scotland and many Gordons a coincidence?

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  • Y67: Scotland and many Gordons a coincidence?

    I-M253: How many Gordons does a typical Gordon match on Y67? I am not a Gordon and only have ancestry in Denmark.

    Since 2006 I have studied my dna-relatives and seen Y-matches gradually narrowing in on Scotland - and on Gordon.

    As of 2016/2017 I have 20 matches at the 67 level. Of these give seven Gordons information of seven different most distant paternal ancestors named Gordon who were born 200-300 years ago. They are 61/67 John (James, b. 1776), Keith (John b. 1813), Warren (Samuel, b. 1740); 60/67 Mrs. Marilyn (Samuel), Marshall (William, b. 1777), George Burtz (John, b. 1710) and Charles (James, b. 1787) - and six Gordons giving no information of ancestry.

    Beside these I have a "cousin" where papers tell that he and I have a common male ancestor born 1706. He is 64/67 and 107/111 with me. Every Gordon disappears on the 111 level.

    Can all these different Gordons show up by a coincidence?

    Is there a way for us to see how many and which matches a person has on a 67-level? Can administrators see it and run Tip-reports?

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    111 eliminate previous levels?

    "When you tested at 111 markers, that refined your results and as a result eliminated any matches you had at a previous levels. The Gordon or Scottish matches you had at the lower levels were just coincidences or random matches. I cannot answer your question about how many Gordons other Gordons match at 67 markers. There are over 700 members in the Gordon project and it would entail going thru the records of the over 700 to find out how many had 67-marker matches and answer your question. You may not believe, but ALL matches are based on chance -- a person's DNA is just a matter of chance. I cannot emphasize more greatly -- you are NOT a Gordon, nor even a Scot".

    That's some sentences I received from an administrator of a Gordon site. He has studied International Relations at University of Southern California, a place I only have seen from the lobby and from the campus, so I dare not discuss too much with him.

    Is he right? Will a 111-test eliminate all tests on a lower level?

    I have 428 matches on 25 markers. More than 50 have Gordon as last name and there are 20 Daniel, 19 Cobb, 13 Allison, 11 Wise, 11 Compton, 10 Carter and less than 10 names look Scandinavian.