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YDNA match confusion

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  • YDNA match confusion

    I am admin for someone that tested at 37 markers.

    My first question is why I am getting level 3 and 4 matches at 37 markers that do not appear at 25 markers.

    My second question is this. I was contacted my someone who says he is a perfect 0 match at 67 markers and wants my admin to do an upgrade. This match only appears to me as a 0 level match at 12 markers and not at all at 25 or 37 markers. How can he be a perfect match at 67 markers if my admin did not even test at 67 markers and match does not show up to me at 25 or 37 markers?
    I can't find anything about this in learning center.

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    Each level of matching allows for a greater number of mismatches

    At 25 markers one is shown all matches that have up to 2 differences on the first 25 marker STRs

    At 37 markers matches are shown with those that have up to 4 differences on these 37 marker STRs (First 25 markers plus and addition 12 STRs)

    if two people have 3 to 4 difference in the first 25 markers they will not show on match lists until the 37 marker level is looked at.

    In regard to second question, if you (person that took yDNA test) did not test to 67 then there must be a misunderstanding that need clarified. They maybe looking at the wrong person, or maybe there is a miscommunication and they would like to know if you are will to upgrade to 67
    You would need to clarify with this person what their request is based on your test only being a yDNA37
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      YDNA match confusion

      Thank you so much for your reply prairielad! That makes perfect sense.


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        I am not sure about this, so someone may correct me.

        I think if the other person has turned off their sharing at 25 and 37 markers then their results won't show up at those levels.

        Here are the instructions
        "Make the following DNA matches available on my Y-DNA matches page and show my profile/contact information to those matches. "