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    I have done an autosomal, a mtFull, and the y67 test.

    The autosomal an the mtDNA tests give me many results.

    But the yDNA test has got no results at all. Zero matches. At every level.

    Is that really probable? I know that the yDNA test is only about the direct paternal line. But shouldn't be there at least a few persons who share a paternal ancestor with me within the last 1000 years?

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    We just did the Y37 in the surname group and I have strong family tree dating back to 1795. This surname has quite a number of Y DNA's logged. Anyway, even at that we only received 5 returns at the Y25 and several at the Y12. All those would probably pre date surnames or could be attributed to genetic coincidence. These are likely from 500 years ago, LOL, so no help in my family tree. Not one single one shared a sir name with us. So now I'm stuck too. At one point I have no siblings/ relatives to be able to verify where the ancestor came from in Ireland. I was hoping this test would connect him to some other lines, so I could determine their area of origin in Ireland and continue our research. But now, like you, we are stuck. No since in doing higher Y's at this point, with NO returns as Y37. I've checked every avenue and I'm certain there have been no "paternal events" in recent history anyway (last 150 years). Even at that you'd think there would be some returns, even if a paternal event did start a new line. So I'm not sure what to do now but wait or pursue family finder or Ancestry? What type of leads did your Autosomal test produce?


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      The autosomal test yielded the most for me regarding genealogy.
      I did the family finder test and then uploaded the results to There I found plenty of 3rd-5th Cousins and wrote them mails. Most of them responded and were very helpful, so that I could locate a region, where one specific line of my family resided at a certain point. So now I know where to look for records regarding this line.

      I haven't done the autosomal test from so far, but plan to do that for the future, too. Maybe there are other distant relatives who only tested at one company and didn't transfer the results to


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        Crazy enough I uploaded our tree to gedmatch and found very little. So I just don't think his paternal line has been looked at much, if at all. I might have to go with the family finder test to see if I can find cousins that might help with the line. Thanks for your thoughts. I was surprised with our Y results too. It seems that given how prolific they were just a few generations back, and thinking that each of those had children who had children and so on and so on we would have gotten some matches within the surname. I was told the Y12 and Y 25 results unless they are in your surname are not very useful. A few people told me you just kind of have to wait for a hit, sometimes it is years!


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          It seems like quite a few people have said the had zero matches on the Y-DNA test. I believe that it's because mainly men from the US, Canada and UK have tested, and few men from other countries. My grandfather was an Italian immigrant and my father has zero matches.


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            It also definitely depends on your haplogroup.

            Mr W


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              You have zero matches even at the 12 marker level?

              May I ask your haplogroup?


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                Welcome to the club. It should have a name. The Zero Y's? Anyways, my Y67 test has no matches at any level either. I'm in a subclade of Q-M3. I actually did not expect matches given my uncommon surname and the fact that my paternal line leads to Mexico. The Y tests of other relatives have been more useful for research at least.

                You also have to consider that only a small portion of the descendants you are looking for would have an interest in genealogy. Of that portion, even less are going to do extensive research, and maybe even less than that would be interested in DNA testing. Of those, even less would have done a Y-DNA test as autosomal DNA tests (Family Finder or AncestryDNA) are more popular these days.

                None of my paternal first cousins or my uncles appear to have an interest in genealogy. I did manage to find a half second cousin, but he has not DNA tested. He is the only paternal relative I have found to have an interest, but even then he does not appear as interested as me. I've let him know about DNA testing options. He hasn't taken the bait.


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                  mb79, if you haven't already joined your Y-DNA haplogroup project, you should. Comparing your results to others in your haplogroup can help you see if you have unusual mutations that keep you from meeting FTDNA's matching threshold. My father has no matches at 37 markers, even though men in his haplogroup often have hundreds of matches at that level. He just has an unusually large number of mutations in the first 37 markers.



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                    Yes, even at the 12 marker level there are unfortunately zero matches. My paternal haplogroup is R-M198.
                    In contrast, my mtDNA (full sequence) has got many matches (haplogroup J1c2).

                    I guess I found many matches for my mother, because she is German. As presumably most customers of FTDNA are from the US, and quite a few Americans have German ancestry, this looks plausible.

                    My father has Croatian ancestry. It makes sense that for him there should be less matches. But zero matches? I mean, this Y-DNA-test goes back 1000 years. So every direct male descendant of my 30 times great-grandfather carries the same Y-DNA-chromosome. So there should be still many people with it? But maybe I just have bad luck.

                    It would be great if more people in continental Europe and other countries did DNA tests...

                    Thanks for the hint, I will try that.


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                      R-M198? It would not be a common occurrence to have no matches.

                      Any STRs with unusual value, zero perhaps ?

                      Mr W


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                        Yes, R-M198 (R1a1a) is a large and well tested haplogroup. My guess would be that if there is not some technical explanation (wasn't there an issue at some point that certain privacy settings were preventing people from viewing their own matches?), then you have some unusual multi-step mutations in your first 12 markers.

                        Please do join the R1a Project and send an email to Michał Milewski, one of the admins. He should be able to determine what's going on with your results.


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                          There is no STR with a zero.
                          I don't know which values are unusual. For some markers there are multiple numbers, like "16-16-16-16" or "35-35".

                          I joined the project and wrote an e-mail to Mr. Milewski. Hopefully he will take a look at my results.


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                            Originally posted by mb79 View Post
                            I joined the project and wrote an e-mail to Mr. Milewski. Hopefully he will take a look at my results.
                            Great! I'd love to hear what he has to say, if you're open to sharing.


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                              Michał Milewski responded to my mail.

                              The main reason for having no matches at any level is, that I have got two rather rare mutations within the first 12 markers. If they weren't mutated, then I would have many matches at 12, 25 and 37 STRs.

                              Besides that, there are two more mutations. These ones are very common in my clade, but rare in most other R1a clades, which additionally contributes to the absence of any matches.