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    Okay, since my last post, I contacted my cousin about having my grandfather's sister tested and my cousin never responded.

    However, I may have had a break through.

    Knowing that my dad's only Y match had the surname Delp/Delph, I went looking for Delps in my grandfather's autosomal matches. I had done this before, but dismissed them because the Y match's ancestor settled in colonial Virginia while all the Delp autosomal matches shared an ancestor who settled in colonial Pennsylvania.

    But then it dawned on me: the ones from PA were from - of all places - Berks County, which is where my grandfather was born BUT he has NO ancestry there. If the Delps of Virginia and the Delps of Berks County, PA were paternal cousins, then Y-DNA would still connect us to the Virginia branch even though my grandfather is descended from the PA branch.

    With that in mind, I created a tree of the Berks County, PA Delp ancestor and researched all his direct male descendants. While working on this, I ran into a man, Isaac Delp (III), who married a woman with the surname Flower (Carrie Flower) and I thought, "Hang on, that's familiar". Flower was the surname of one of the other common ancestors I kept finding among his autosomal matches - in fact, my grandfather had a New Ancestor Discovery on for a colonial Christopher Flower/Flowers (among other spellings) of Berks County! So I researched Carrie’s ancestry and sure enough, she is descended from Christopher Flower. So I have two recurring ancestors among my grandfather’s matches, one of whom has the same surname as his Y match, and both of whom are ancestors of Isaac and Carrie’s children. They had several children, but only four boys who would have been old enough to have fathered my grandfather. Have I just narrowed down my grandfather’s biological father to four men? Or am I grasping at straws?


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      Delp Auswanderer nach Berks

      Immigrants from AllertshofenDelp, Johann Nikolaus 1749 * 12.06.1718
      V.: Delp, Georg Conrad M.: Jung, Anna Catharina

      Ausgewandert auf Schiff Albany von Rotterdam, Ankunft in Philadelphia am 02.09.1749. Heiratet eine Tochter des Georg Heinrich Adam, welcher in Maxatawny lebte. Er siedelt in Rockland Twp. Berks Co.Pa. In den „Berks Co. Tax records“ 1767 besitzt er 30 acres an Land. Bei der ersten bekannten Taufe seiner Kinder (1756) wird seine Frau Anna Maria und ab 1761 Anna Margaretha genannt.
      Kinder getauft in der „Mertz Christ Church“ Rockland Twp. berks Co.Pa.
      1. Catharina * um 1750, verh. um 1765 Christoph Keller aus Neutsch
      2. Maria Elisabetha * 27.02.1756
      3. Johannes * 22.01.1761
      4. Johann Valentin * 30.06.1764 oo mit N.N., Elizabeth Kinder get. in der Mertz Church 1. Catharina * 25.12.1788 2. Abraham * 11.11.1790 3. Daniel * 17.02.1793
      5. Anna Margaretha * 10.03.1767

      Here the link:

      Possibly related with Delps from Winterkasten:
      Delp, Johannes (19,) 1854 * 20.10.1836 V.: Delp, Johann Nikolaus Schuhmacher, mit 150 fl Vermögen, M.: Bickelhaupt, Anna Elisabetha

      Delp, Johann Adam (2,) ?? * 12.08.1824 unehel. M.: Delp, Anna Elisabetha

      Delp, Johann Georg (17,) 1860 * 19.08.1830 V.: Delp, Johann Nikolaus Küfer, M.: Bickelhaupt, Anna Elisabetba
      Hier der Link:

      Allertshofen is in Germany near Darmstadt:
      Winterkasten is not far away:

      Try google translator as you won´t find an english version of this Wiki entry.

      Hope this helps. Besides, the name Delp is the name of a famous jesuit priest from Mannheim, who was in resistance movement against Nazis and killed by them:

      Grüße von
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        Thanks Petra, that does look like the Berk County Delp progenitor I've been researching. Do you know if they are related to the Delps of Grayson County, Virginia (Peter Delp(h), b. abt 1755, d. Grayson Co., VA)?


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          No, as I just did a quick research in the german databases to look for DELP emmigrants. But you see in the data I posted some married sons with birthdates, children etc. So with some research in the mormon database of familysearch I guess, you will find other descendants and the connection to your line with the help of your DNA results. Good luck.