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Kind of a newbie question about the Y37 test kit

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  • Kind of a newbie question about the Y37 test kit

    I did the basic FF test about 6 months ago and last week felt I could afford and wanted to to do the Y37 test so I ordered it. Will I get a new test kit in the mail to complete or will they just use the same kit I did for the FF test and retest those first results?

    Asking because I have checked the mail box every day but haven't seen test kit so then it made me wonder about that.


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    It depends on how you ordered the Y-DNA37 test. If you were signed into your myFTDNA for your FF kit and used the upgrade button to place the order they use the same DNA sample you have already provided.

    If you placed the order outside of your myFTDNA for your FF kit they'll send a new kit. If they do send a new kit don't return it. Just call FTDNA and tell them you want the Y-DNA test added to your current kit number.

    Sign into your FF account. In the left hand column look for "Order History". If you see Y-DNA37 the new test has been included in you original FF account.


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      Thanks! Yes I did take advantage of the upgrade price and purchased it while logged in. I hadn't looked at my "dashboard" until today and I now see that the Y-DNA37 is results are expected between 6/22 and 7/6.

      The upgrade feature is a great way to discover more depending on what you want to find out and do it when you feel you can afford it.