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Y37 Match Drop ?

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  • Y37 Match Drop ?

    I have a cousin's kit who has a match '0' GD at 25 markers and '3' GD at 67 markers. When his Y37 test completed in Dec this match was also a '2' GD at 37 markers.

    After his Y111 results came in a few weeks ago this same match is gone at the 37 marker level but is still at the 25 and now on the 67 marker level.

    Is this a glitch/bug of some sort?

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    Well, as far as I can tell, everything's OK at 37- and 67-marker levels, but I have just noticed that all but 2 of my uncle's 12-marker matches are gone (he formerly had a lot more than that).


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      Arggh. I was so hoping the result for the snp would come in this week. Guess I'm going to have to send in the dreaded customer service request. This will be the third of the last four tests that have been submitted that I've had to follow up on.


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        They're Back

        I just noticed that all of my father's 12-marker yDNA matches (almost 1,000) are now showing up again.