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Downloading data from Y projects

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  • Downloading data from Y projects

    Hi. I have tried cutting and pasting the STR data from Y results from various projects into Excel spreadsheet. The problem is that for markers that have two parts, with numbers like "11-14", excel converts to dates, e.g., "November 14"! When there's alot of rows of data, its very time consuming to go thru each one to change it to two columns etc. So the question is is there a way to just download the data as a file that bypasses this problem? (and if someone says the public data can only be downloaded this way by private project administrators, fair warning I may just shout, especially if one in any one implies its a good thing that the public can't download public data)

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    I do it by going to the DATA tab in excel and clicking the "From Web" option at top. Put in the URL that goes directly to the results and click Go button. Under options there is a Disable Date Recognition option. Check that and import data.

    Hope that helps.


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      Yes! that help alot. I did not know about that excel feature at all. i'll check to see if my excel is late enough version to do that. Thanks much for that solution.