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am I barking up the wrong tree?

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  • am I barking up the wrong tree?

    I'm looking at y-dna matches for 3 men: Dee, Eff, and Gee.

    Dee and Gee do not appear in Eff's match list, nor does he appear in theirs.

    Dee and Gee match each other, descend from the same man 6 generations ago, and have the same surname with origins in Scotland. Compared with all others in the family group (4 kits), Dee has what seems to be a new mutation, otherwise they all match 100% as far as they've tested.

    Eff's matches' surnames are all over the place, but almost all have origins in Scotland. Surname of Dee and Gee is included in the surname list, but is not the most numerous.

    On a whim, I ran an advanced match report for each of them, including all Y-dna matches. I labeled the matches with their names, then combined them into one spreadsheet. I then sorted by surname and first name of the match.

    What I'm seeing: I haven't taken the time to actually count them yet, but it looks like Gee and Eff have about 70-80% of matches in common. (They're in 12- and 25-markers, mostly.) There are several instances of all 3 with the same match.

    I'm pretty sure that if Dee didn't have that one mutation, all 3 of them would have many more in common.

    So here's my question: Given that Eff doesn't appear as a match to either Dee or Gee, what are the odds that they'd have this many matches in common?


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    Proves that 12 and 25 marker matches are NOT

    to be relied on. I have around 200 12-Marker matches. By 37 markers, I am down to 3 Matches.


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      Originally posted by JDP1144 View Post
      to be relied on. I have around 200 12-Marker matches. By 37 markers, I am down to 3 Matches.
      1000 matches at 12 markers. No matches whatsoever when using 37 markers.


      P.S. One match with the Genetic Distance of zero at 25 markers.


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        Do all three men share the same last name?