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Simple question, can anyone here answer?

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  • Simple question, can anyone here answer?

    The answer and solution(s) to a"missing" Y-DNA scores problem noted in Grumbles and Grips forum:
    Of two options, one is to repurchase the Y46 transfer at $58. This would gen a new test kit number and a retest. Seems odd, to have to go through that to see 6 scores that FTDNA does not test for in the first place.

    During the course of the conversation, it was revealed that if I purchase an "upgrade" to 67 markers, same deal, retest with a new kit number.

    So, here is one question: if I go for the $58 transfer, OR, later, down the road, go for a 67 score upgrade, FTDNA says that that will gen a new kit number, so what happens to my previous kit information online?

    Do I inherit all previous scores from the previous kit PLUS the ones that are newly tested? It would very much hack me off to go through all of this to get my original 46 markers, and then find 6 of them gone again from a "larger" panel test just because FTDNA does not test for them.

    I tried to use the FAQ before posting here, but I find the search engine there about useless for finding answers.