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"Predicted Haplogroup K-M9" after backbone testing

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    Originally posted by dim View Post
    I thought that if they were confident about a prediction they should have changed the notification to "confirmed haplogroup". I don't know under which circumstances they would run a backbone test.
    It only changes to confirmed when a SNP test is done. It's perfectly normal to have a predicted haplogroup.

    Originally posted by dim View Post
    Concerning my matches there is only one which has a genetic distance of 1. This match is from Ireland while I am from Greece, so knowing my ancestry, this is more likely a very very distant relation.
    What marker level is this match at? If he's at 12 markers, then yes, a very distant relation -- especially if he has tested more than 12 markers and doesn't match you at the higher levels. Look in the column to the right of his name -- it'll say Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37, etc).

    Originally posted by dim View Post
    At the same time, as I said, in the projects I've joined there are dozens of potential matches from my country with the same haplogroup confirmed or predicted.
    While there are definitely people from Greece in the FTDNA database, the fact that you don't have matches from Greece indicates diversity in the population -- you don't all descend from a single recent common male ancestor And it also indicates that no one else from your direct paternal line has tested with FTDNA yet.

    Originally posted by dim View Post
    My "Y-dna Ancestral Origins" show two more matches that do not appear anywhere else, while "Matches Maps" and "SNP Maps" show absolutely nothing.
    Ancestral Origins: These two other matches may not have signed the release form when they tested, so their names and contact info can't be shown on your Matches page (and they can't see you either). You'll still see their info on the Ancestral Origins page, since that's anonymous.

    Matches Maps: Only shows matches who signed the release and have entered geographic coordinates for their most distant ancestor's origin. Since you only have the one match on your Matches page, if he's not showing there, then he hasn't filled in his coordinates yet. (If you haven't done this yet yourself, you can do so from either the Matches Maps page, or from My Account -> Most Distant Ancestors.)

    SNP Maps: You'll need to zoom in on this page to see the information. You can select any haplogroup to see clusters of the reported origins of customers in the FTDNA database with that haplogroup.

    Originally posted by dim View Post
    So I am troubled if there is a bug or something, or if these are indeed my results, or if I'll have to wait to see any updates (going from 37 to 67 marker took two weeks more than expected).
    No bug, some people just don't have many matches. But the database is constantly growing, with new customers joining all the time. So it'll require some patience, but WHEN you do get a new match (be optimistic!), you'll be notified by email.

    In the meantime, you should join the E-M35 project, if you haven't already. E-L117 is just another name for the E-M35 branch of the tree.

    Also check out the E-M35 project's discussion forum:



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      Thank you so much Elise! It couldn't have been more clear. My only match shows up until Y-DNA37 (I have up to 67) which is what is written next to his name. So I guess that any common ancestor is still extremely distant.

      Thanks again for your time!