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Haplogroup couldn't be determined with Y-DNA 12 Marker Test

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  • Haplogroup couldn't be determined with Y-DNA 12 Marker Test

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to this forum and just got my first 2 DNA tests through FtDNA, the Family Finder and Y-DNA 12 (both for my uncle).

    I just got the Y-DNA 12 results back this evening (batch 559!) and it seems that FtDNA was unable to predict my uncle's haplogroup so they offered me a free backbone SNP test.

    I just want to know if this happens often? I was thinking maybe I checked the results too soon after they were posted so maybe more information will pop up in a day or two.

    Also, my uncle is presumed to be 100% Chinese, or at least East Asian so I didn't think the haplogroup would be rare or anything.

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    It happened to me with my Dad's Y-DNA test. He didn't have any matches even at 12 markers and he still doesn't. He's Italian. His father was from a village near Pescara.


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      My 472 Y-12 matches are in 13 different haplogroups.


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        Yes it's not uncommon for this to happen.

        They usually predict your haplogroup by comparing your results to others who have already SNP tested. In that's case it's just a prediction (although they are normally accurate).

        If your results are not obviously the same as others they are doing an additional test. When you get the results this will not be a prediction as the result will actually have been tested. So what has happened to you is a good thing as you are getting a free test with a real result not just the prediction you would otherwise have had.



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          Thank you for everyone's quick replies. I contacted customer service for the backbone SNP test. Fingers crossed!