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does my dna tribes STR test prove i have south american ancestry?

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    Originally posted by RobertaMarques View Post
    I am still trying to understand the dnatribes population.

    How they will test a Argentina population? If you get a person that lives in one city (a German descendent) and then another one from another city (a Italian descendent) and then a 3rd one that is black, how can you say they are the same 'population'.

    I understand getting a group of people from India, chances are they were there for 1000's of years. Not in South America.

    Someone please explain.

    My point is: South America people, with the exception of the "natives" they all pretty much come from Europe and Africa during the last 500 years. Seems like a long time, but in reality it is about 6 generations.

    I am really confused on how do they gather the data for the population database so to compare with my dna.
    Yes I think you are right on that account in my case unless stated in the match mestizo/native or afro then the match is most likely of European stock.argentina has little to no African representations, Colombia on the other hand does.but I had no matches with them.


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      Originally posted by RobertaMarques View Post
      So, you say they have a template and then they compare each person with that template and then they see if other people will match with that person?

      For instance the Family Finder, if none of my relatives ever did a dna test, no one will show up. Correct? But, I might match with population from other countries or this country where I live now, if compare with the template.

      I am sorry, I am so ignorant of this subject that even my questions don't make sense
      First the Family Finder uses hundred of thousands SNPs to compare. If enough of these line up as matching within the tolerance a common ancestry can be determined. If the match is extremely large close relatives can determined without question. At 3rd cousin and beyond the exact ancestry can not be accurately determined because of randomness of passed DNA. Thus most people have many distant cousin's predicted by family Finder.

      Now DNATribes STR test uses 23 or 26 (that's not a typo!) to match huge forensic population databases.. but it's ONLY 26 points!!!!

      This is why the DNATribes STR test is complete garbage while their SNP is much more accurate. With the DNA Tribes STR test they are selling an old (by DNA testing standards) test that is really meaningless and letting the customer ASSume it as modern DNA testing.