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    Originally posted by Littlest bit View Post
    Ok, this is embarrassing It says the DF 13 test is completed but I can't figure out how to find the result. What do I have to click on????? Thanks!
    I had exactly the same problem, there's no section for it that I could find.

    You can see them under Y-DNA -> Haplotree. At the top, you should be able to see something like:

    Your Haplogroup Tests Taken
    G2a3b1 P303+ P15+ M201+ L662+ L660+ L30+ M406- L14- L13-


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      Many thanks, aeduna, looks like DF13+. No haplogroup designation yet, perhaps with 37 markers. I already know it's L-21 from previous testing.


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        My father in law is French Canadian, L21+, and has 6154 Matches at 12 markers, 2528 Matches at 25 markers, and then drops to 4 matches at 37 markers (one lives is lives in and is from France, another shares a paternal ancestor in the 1600's but whose surname morphed).


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          Wow those seem like some impressive numbers, ORE. I know French Canadian's get many close Relative Finder matches due to their population being endogamous for a long you think that is playing out with the Y results, too?

          Our kit is part of the L-21 plus project, B1778 Frawley (page 3), and I noticed 2 seemingly uncommon results:

          DYS459 8-9
          DYS464 13-13-15-17

          Anyone share those? At first I thought my husbands line was a more common one, but even at 25 markers I can tell it's not. I can't wait to get the rest of the results so a haplogroup get's filled in.


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            I don't believe it is a product of the endogamous nature of the French Canadian population since he only has the 4 matches at 37. 1 has GD of 3 (the one that shares a paternal ancestor in the 1600's) the other 3 have a GD of 4. If it was a product of the endogamous nature of French Canada I would expect more matches at 37 markers. It was probably either a prolific line several thousand years ago or a bottle neck.

            DYS459 9-10
            DYS464 15-15-17-17